How to write your first blog post?

How to write your first blog post? 

Since you have completed the initial step of your blogging site Related read You must be wondering how to start constructing contents.

Well, as beginners you would want includes these essential as they are the foundation of your blog post.

An in this post I want to show you how to write your first blog post and what you need to include because I know that many freshers are struggling with this.

How to write your first blog post?

With these easy tips included, you are on your way to writing better-structured

This works for any platform, whether free or paid Blogger or WordPress

How to write your first blog post? Most of us make this mistake by giving less importance to these, thus making the content read sloppy and not rankable.

Setting yourself down to write. This question will first come to your thought, "How do I write my first blog post?"

Yes! This question did nudge me, at that time. But didn't give it any attention, I just thought I should write, and maybe that's all I needed to do.

I was eager to have my post up and running. This content structure wasn't even applied. I just wrote and wrote.

It was after my 40 posts on A friend advised me how to write my first blog post on WordPress.

I was surprised, as I realized where and what I was missing all along. However, I'm happy I have started doing it the right way and for this, I will be sharing with you.

The aim is to help beginners follow a structured layout and not just writing.

I hope with these tips you will improve in relevant areas and implement in your every blog post.

A step by step process with 10 elements to keep in mind how to write your first blog post?

There are some specific things you need to keep in mind when you are writing your first blog post or any post. 

A step by step briefing you as I go along, so you will have a better understanding of each element.

    10 tips for blog
  • Deciding what to write on your first post - when I first started writing content. I had no knowledge about keyword and such. I just wrote what came to mind and what I thought needed attention. I later found out that this super helpful tool Ubersuggest was quite useful and will show topics that are trending and what was ranking. With this, I knew how to manipulate my topic and work around keywords. There are other free tools. Just Google free keywords finder tools and you would be surprised to see what is available at your fingertips.
  • An attractive short and specific blog title - your title is the first that catches the eyes of a reader. Always try to make it precise and on point. Example, " What is Digital Marketing?" Read here
  • Gather statistics and info about the related title - you might think you know all about what you are going to write about, but sometimes that's not the case. Get some solid info, proven survey result and so on, it will add more value to your content.
  •  Introduction paragraph - make sure welcome your readers and let them know you are new and what you will be writing about. Be clear, place emphasis and briefing on your keyword. Note include your keyword throughout your blog at least 5-10 times. 
  • Header one and two - heading, subheading, and minor heading are important to break down your work into a smaller category. Readers can easily browse through before reading in dept. Example, 10 tips on how to write your first blog!
  • Pictures, videos, infographics, charts, and graphs - adding these to your blog content is very important. Along with written and visual content, the reader will have a clear understanding and relate to what is being said. Embed between paragraphs of the main body.
  • External and internal links - since this may be the first blog for some, you can't implement this element there, but you can surely do it in your second blog post. Internal links are those Url to your previous blogs while external links are Url from other sources relating to your title. Meaning from a website with the same or similar niche. Try to incorporate these in your blogs.
  • Lengthy contents - this is one of the main essentials google will crawl your content for. From 3000 maximum to 1000 minimum. Avoid going below 750 words. Note the focus should be on providing value to your readers. 
  • Concluding statement - Still not clear about this, your conclusion will consist of sentences and questions like "try these and see how your interaction with readers and traffic will increase" "if you found value in this share with your family and friends" "Leave a comment below if you not clear on any of the points". Now that you are aware of all your content needs, you are off to writing a well-structured blog post.
  • Keywords in meta description - using your keywords throughout your blog can prove beneficial for you. More importantly, mention it in your meta description as Google look for these. Write your meta description at least 250-300 characters in length. 


Now that you have all the information, how to write your first blog post wouldn't be so difficult. 

What you should keep in mind is creating a successful blog and not just applying these. Getting the readers attention and engaging them wouldn't be an easy task. 

Apart from these tips, you will have to work hard and dedicate your time and energy.

It's just the start if you are passionate about blogging then be ready to face all the obstacles. More importantly, learn from them.

As you begin writing your first blog post, keep a note pad with these tips as to make sure you don't miss any.

After 5-10 blogs, you would no longer have to make side notes. Eventually, because you are practicing on a consistent level. It will automatically stick.

I would for you test these out and leave your feedback below.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy blogging!

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