How to start digital marketing [ 4 steps for beginners ]

Something big happens in a technological world, individuals are investing and widening their knowledge in content marketing, SEO/SEM specialist, UX designer. These are just a few on the long list. 

When you think you have learned everything, it's just not the case. The algorithms are constantly changing. 

And this is why you need to regularly educate yourself with the latest updates and modules. 

In this article, you will be sharing 4 steps you need to start working on "How to start digital marketing" if you so desire to work in this evolving digital industry. 

You might want to get your notebook out and take a few notes as a reminder of what you will require too. 

But before, make sure you have clarity within as if this is what you really want to do and not because everyone is doing it.

Before I started a blog about (digital marketing)Read here and blogging. I was a wisdom and education blogger. 

I love what I was doing because I'm a professional teacher and motivator. But what I saw was something else. 

People were more glued to their mobiles, computer, and devices. There was very little interest shown towards studying from books and such.

Apart from glued to the technological world, they were abusing it more than seeing the benefits derived from it.

This made me look beyond the horizon of a classroom of students. And push towards bringing the light to the real advantages of this evergreen unprecedented digital world.

Take these preliminary steps to get on board and start your career in the digital industry.

How to start Digital Marketing 

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With that being said, let's get into it!

4 strategic steps you would need to follow before becoming your own boss

Step 1: Take the necessary lessons to develop your skills

Like any trade or job, you need the required training for that specific work area. Similarly, you will have to do the same for digital marketing.

Unfortunately, this subject area is rarely being taught in the education sector.

However, they are numerous online digital course available which you can access for free, also the
are paid courses available and with extra strategies to sway your mind.

It's much easier to equip the brain with all the free info that is there. Rather than going straight for the paid ones.

When learning how to start digital marketing its important to understand from the brightest minds in this field as the learning process is even more powerful.

With more than 100,000 people from 100+ countries participated in Google's online digital marketing challenge.

An online course with modules covering an introduction to digital marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, etc.

The aim is to provide free online learning resources to help beginners and those with financial issues.

Here is a link to a free course that teaches you the basics and intermediate steps. It's enough to get started and with which you can use your own creativity to continue from there.

How to start digital marketing

Step 2: Clarity of your niche

Don't be misguided or seduced that you can work on any and everything. If you are not clear of where you should place your focus.

How to start digital marketingGet a paper and pen and journal all your strong and weak areas of your interest. This also works the same for bloggers in the general blogging industry.

Many bloggers eagerly choice their niche without any consideration, which eventually leads to a
change in decision afterward. Realizing that it didn't work for them or doesn't find a purpose to build on it.

Keep in mind, when contemplating your niche, your target audience, and the value you intend to provide in the future in the area of your expertise.

What to provide should give value to both customers and yourself at the same time, enjoying what you do best.

Step 3: Become a risk taker before a full-time founder 

Digital marketing uses a lot of strategies, and to become experienced at this, you need to push aside the liabilities and take the risks involved.

From the investments to a failure. You are held accountable for all the actions carried out. And because of your natural behavior of an entrepreneur, you will consciously choose carefully towards the growth of your brand.

Learn, implement, be consistent, and test with the various tools to determine which works best and will generate the best results.

By taking this step, you are molding yourself to handle future decisions like an expert.

At the end of it all, based on all you have learned and experiment with, you are fully ready to take the chair of a founder and efficiently handle all responsibilities you are liable for.

Step 4: Decide how you want to scale

Of all the steps taking, number 4 is as important as any other. You can have the best skills, experience and great content/product.

But if there is no medium for marketing, then your brand may never scale to the standards you want it too.

How to start digital marketing

This is where your choice of transport comes into play, we'll call it that, instead of social marketing.

I must advise you to try your hands at multiple sites whether it's content marketing, social media, PPC, SEO, email marketing, etc.

Adapt the one which drives more clients or readers and works towards strengthening the others.
We have learned that the best digital marketers are quick to adapt, hungry for results, and committed to learning and expanding their knowledge in the industry.

Therefore, as startups, you should set yourself to face and overcome all the hurdles that success comes with.

After taking these 4 steps and putting into practice, you will definitely see the end result. Remember as startups, it's always a battle with yourself to grasp and actively put your lessons to test.


If you've read this post, you probably already ventured out on your own or you're thinking about it.

My advice is to study these steps and implement them.

These 4 steps wouldn't give you immediate success instead you will have hard work and use smart strategies to make it all work.

Every startup has ups and downs, it all depends on how well you master the storm to enjoy the benefits.

I will love to know your feedback after trying these, kindly leave a comment in the box below and I will go back to you as soon as possible.

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