5 Free keyword finders for beginners

 Best Free keyword finders for beginners

5 best free keyword finders for beginners 

Are you someone who has decided to start blogging about an interesting niche?

Then you are in the right place on how to use the free keyword finder to know what keyword topics are trending and what is not.

After all the initial set up of your website, you will need to start writing content for your specified viewers. Here is a step by step guide on how to set up your site.

If you are a beginner, and still researching ideas on what to include in your first blog post, then you would want to read here.

For my first 20 blog post, I had no idea about keywords research and why I needed to do it.

Until I saw this clip from Neil Patel. That was when I realized the need to research a topic before writing.

Here you will find valid reasons why you should write on keywords.

Finding the right keyword with the right tool and how to read is all you will need to know.

5 Free keyword finders for beginners

Your first goal is to research, implement and test with all that is available for free as a beginner.
  • KWFinder - this keyword tool is very simple to use. You can use to identify long-tailed keywords that are a ranking. Which could possibly help you get that ranking spot? KW finder is a paid tool but generally offers a 10-day free trial. To sign up, you can click here to directly get there. Now you might be asking, why pay after 10 days? Like most software, they allow you to take advantage of all the features, and to experiment and get the results you are looking for. It's a form of marketing! Three simple boxes to enter your searched keyword, location and language. After which you will hit the analyze button for your results to show up.
          Here is what it will look before and after you enter your keyword

Keyword ideas
Illustration 1

5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 2

How to read the results

In Illustration 2,  you can see the keyword 'overthinking' is possible to rank, as the score is 33 out of 100. 

KW finder calculates its results based, on real-time SEO stats of the pages on the first Google SERP. 

In any case, as a beginner or a pro, you will want to target keywords with low SEO difficulty. With the chance of ranking on SERPs.

The graph on the right side shows, the search volume of monthly searches. Further below what you see is the SERP overview. 

It shows the top URLs with its reading of Domain authority, page authority, citation flow, trust flow, links(external backlinks), Facebook shares, link profile strength, and estimated visitors on a monthly basis.

These are all info you will need to check before finalizing your keyword.

On the left side, the metrics reading for search volume for 12 months, CPC, PPC, and keyword SEO difficulty.

For a first-timer, I found this keyword tool was very easy to use. With all the stats clearly defined, as you hover over the metrics column headings.

One of the best free keyword finder I would recommend to beginners especially.

  • Ubersuggest - Many of you will know of this as it's Neil Patel creation and its super reliant features. Still, I will explain for those who are new to it. Ubersuggest is another free tool you can use to find keywords. Its features are less complicated and easier to read. This tool doesn't require and signing up. You can use it as much and as long as you want.
Check the snaps below to have a clear picture of what it would look like.
5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 1

5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 2

5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 3

How to read the results

This free keyword finder is that easy, you don't need to stress too much on it. In the snapshot 2, you can see the keyword overthinking is a difficult one.

With a search volume of 14,800, SEO difficulty paid difficulty and CPC with respective results.

Illustration 3 portrays a graph with monthly search volumes.

In the lower bottom of the page, you will be able to seek related keywords. Their volume, CPC, SD, PD, estimated visits, backlinks, and social shares.

Though I have tried so many free keywords finder. I found Ubersuggest to be the one I go for again and again.

Hope you would have the same experience!
  • Jaaxy - like KW finder 10 days free trial, this keyword finder offers 30 free keyword searches. For more searches, you will need to upgrade to their paid plans. I would recommend you make full use of the 30 free searches before upgrading. As beginners it always advisable to test all the free tools. 
These will help you see a clear picture 
5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 1

5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 2

How to read the results

Jaxxy keyword finder is transparent as the others but provides fewer stats for free. For more results, you will need to purchase they paid plans. 

In the first illustration, you can see you only need to enter your desired keyword and boom you are ready to access the data. 

Moving on to the more intense illustration #2, you will find that Jaaxy has limited the list of related keywords. 

This tool wasn't that helpful, so I didn't really use it to it's fullest features. I was seeking completely free tools as a fresher. 

It provides an average search volume of 3391. Traffic as per first-page ranking, QSR (Competing sites), KQI (quality of the keyword), SEO and, domains that are related to the keyword. 

Not much of a comprehensive tool, but nothing to lose in giving it a try!

  • SEMrush - Unlike all the above free keyword finders. SEMrush entails more comprehensive and complex search results. It is an all-in-one tool suite for improving online visibility. Features such as SEO, PPC, keyword research, competitive analysis, social media marketing, marketing insights, and business management. All these for a limited period of time. As mentioned before, you can really make good uses of these as a beginner, before rushing into an upgrade plan.
The illustration below depicts how your researched results will look like after entering your keyword.

5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 1
5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 2

5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 3

How to the results

This keyword tool can be a little complicated for beginners. But nonetheless, if you are determined enough to learn the metrics, then you can surely go ahead. 

In my opinion, I think this keyword tool is more specifically for professionals. However, the reason why I suggested it, is because of its vivid and deep features and the results it provides.

In the first illustration, you can see I have searched the same keyword 'overthinking'. The organic results for volume and search stats differ. 

You can also see the CPC right below and towards the right CPC distribution and trends for a year.

Secondly, the related and phrase match keywords searched. Notice the phrase search is higher than related search.

The last illustration is clearly about organic results and URLs that are ranking for this term.

In summary to this Keyword, I can certainly say it can be the chosen one but at the same time. Give all a try and see which provides more results and accuracy.

  • Google trends - another exclusive free of cost keyword planner. With no boundaries, you are more likely to explore all the provided results before deciding your keyword. Perfect for beginners and those who can't afford a paid plan.
Simple snipping showing results of the keyword 'overthinking'
5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 1

5 Best Free keyword finders for beginners
Illustration 2

How to read it

As simple and easy as it looks, you wouldn't have to worry at all. On the other hand, the results are limited.

This tool gives a smooth read of what you are looking for. You can select the time span you wish to search and so on.

It's true, most of the totally free tools don't provide comprehensive results. But reasonable stats to help you determine the keyword.


When it comes to keyword research, you need to pay keen interest and compare results from different keyword tools.

I personally don't stick to just one keyword finder but keep three at hand.

It's best to experiment and gather information than guessing and hoping for the best.

By doing so, you are more convinced to choose the right keywords for your website.

This free keyword finder provides accessive and accurate results. Only for a minimum amount of time.

Take advantage of these as a beginner and increase your knowledge about using keyword finders.

I hope you found value here and will surely give these a try.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comment box below!

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