How to Promote your Blog [Free Tools Inside]

How to Promote your Blog [Free Tools]
How to promote your blog? A question most startups struggle to answer.

Where and how to start? You can spend days writing great content for your readers, one which should provide value.

Of course, we all need to, as this is what readers expect when reading an article. In the end, there should be a moral or lesson.

This leads me to explain the difference between a hobby and a professional blogger. Some of you are preferably hobby bloggers, while most of you make it your full-time job or side hustle.

For hobby bloggers, I found out that not so many care to promote or reach the wider community.

Unlike those with the intention to earn, dedicate more efforts and strategies to potentially reach readers of their niches interest.

Whether as a beginner or intermediate, these free tips go will do good for both. You can publish 7 or more blogs per week or have a 100+ blog running on your site.

But if you don't expand to connect to your readers then, there is not the way that anyone is going to read your articles. One which I recommend you follow religiously.

Neil Patel suggestion that if you spend 20% of your time creating content, then spend the rest on promoting it. Content is not a king!

In this post, I will provide steps on how to promote your blog via different mediums. Read here to see my latest blog post.

I found out that, when I had written my first post, there was no traffic flowing to my site or was known to readers.

It was only until I started promoting then I saw my viewers list, slowing building up.

Many regrets used to linger in my mind. Because I thought I should've known. Then looking back at how far I have come and how much I have learned.

I'm glad it has pushed me to overcome the mistakes and find a solution to it.

Now I'm thankful that I've had those missteps. Otherwise, I would've been stuck and still hoping people will come to read my blog by just letting it sit there.

Below, I will be going through the various promoting tools you can use to promote your blog to get viewers and subscribes to your website.

Free tools you can use to promote your Blog!

Without using these tools, it's impossible to drive traffic to your blog or get a great result.
Which is why you will need to follow these:

    How to Promote your Blog [Free Tools Inside]
  • Content marketing - you have spent hours creating amazing text content, keywords, meta description, introduction, etc. All these are important as much as graphics and internal and external linking. There are over 1 billion blogs out there, you think that your blog will scale heights by chance then you are wrong. What you need to do it create 3-4 minute videos on the topic, and add in the body of your content. Video is outranking text content these days! In addition to that, link your previous blog post and incorporate into your topic. Do the same for external links. These are all in your control while creating that amazing blog post. 
  • Email Marketing - you might have learned of email marketing before but never really dig into it. Promotion your blog with email marketing can increase your pageviews, organic search results and even enhance your audience engagement. Email marketing may sound difficult at first, but before entertaining this doubt. Read up and try it out! See all those emails you get in your inbox? Have you ever thought of your content been read by someone? Well, it's possible, allow me to guide you through the process. Chose a tool to create your email content. I use MailChimp. Click on the link to sign up your account. Here is a step by step tutorial that will help you in the process. Not sure on your first try? Do a test tryout and if you are pleased then send it to your list of subscribers and contacts. From choosing the right template and creating campaigns, every area is clearly explained.
  • Social media marketing -  best recommended and most effective promoting tool. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, etc. You cannot broadcast the same message on every site. Address your audience especially for every social site with an attractive Caption. Example of a post " tips on how to write your first blog post" adds a caption of, Tips to write your first best blog post! Bouns inside! Make sure to click on the link to watch the tutorials and follow the steps required.
  • Guest posting - this tool can be powerful if you use the right approach. With guest posting, you can create unique and interesting content for another site relating to your niche, which will eventually attract readers to your work. Many bloggers go about using this tool in the wrong way by creating anything they desire. Which any case it shouldn't be. This tactic of guest posting can act a booster to your DA (domain authority)and help expand your visitors when used strategically. In one sentence, guest posting is a form of relationship building. Now that you are aware of the benefits you would definitely want to try it out. Click here to see a video on how to conveniently do and submit a guest post to another site.
  • Link to people who have similar content - this is a very simple method, but not guaranteed. Nevertheless, you have nothing to lose, then giving it a shot. Connect and send out emails to persons within your niche or of similar content. Appreciate there work and commend them for the value you've got from their work, then link your related post and ask politely to read and share on their social site, etc. There is a chance they may or may not respond. But it is worth a try! The illustration below will help you draft out what it should look like.
How to Promote your Blog [Free Tools]

Starting a blog is easy. Creating one that will be successful requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

You may either start off as a hobby blogger and eventually into a full-time blogger. It's all up to you and how well you will handle it.

Whichever way you choose, remember that people will look for value, something to take way an implement in their life or business.

More importantly, be honest, be you, be clear.

How you will reach those of your interest? It is by promoting.

Yes, you can try and test all of the above to see which brings you the best result.

As you begin your journey in the world of blogging, you will need these tools to help you through.

If you consistently publish great content and keep sharing then, you will most certainly be flocked with new visitors every single time.

I hope you will make an effort to try these and share your feedback in the comment box below.

Thank you for stopping by!

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