Why write on keywords

If you haven't done your research on the importance of writing on keywords.

Then let me briefly explain all the reasons why you should search your keyword, before writing your blog post.

Keywords play a vital role for on page SEO. For many reasons, why you would want your content to rank.

You must make keyword a priority as you would for any SEO tactics.

What you will find in this post?

It is everything you would need to know and, how you can add to the value of your on-page SEO by including your keywords where it is relevant.

Click here on how to write your first blog post with on-page SEO tips.

This was a question that didn't really strike me when I first started. But sooner, I needed to and this is why I wish to tell you about, being a startup.

What are Keywords?

In simple terms, keywords are trending topics that your article is based on. Why it is called keyword?

That's because it is the most frequent term or phrase searched entered into search engines.

Why write on keywordsThis is why on page SEO is so important along with your keywords included correctly.

As a writer or website owner, you would want to make sure, you research on a topic rather than randomly writing on it.

Your goal should be to pen keyword articles on your page that people are seeking so as your content can or may easily been found among the thousands.

Long tail vs short tail keywords

The term speaks for itself, a short tail refers to 3 words or less. Examples of these are Sportswear, fast food outlets, etc.

Long tail, on the other hand, is more than 3 words. Because of this, they are a lot my targeted over the short tail. Examples of these are: 10 best keyword finder, how to write your first blog post? How to promote your blog [ free tools inside], etc.

Why write on keywords?

Are you still having a second thought about why you should write on keywords?

If so, let me give you a few solid points and the advantages it will generate for you.

  • The keyword is essential in SEO 
  • Right keywords help in ranking
  • Keyword targeting increases domain authority

Where to include keywords and the benefits of doing it

Keyword placement is critical as you would search in the first place. How you incorporate your titles keywords and density of it will need attention too.

On page SEO checklist includes a number of elements and keywords happen to be one.

Read here on what you need to cover in on page SEO as a startup.

Where you should add your keywords!

  • A short tail and attractive title (your keyword)
  • Once or twice in the induction paragraph
  • In your H1 and H2 headings
  • Use in image ALT text and 4-5 times in the body of your content
  • Must be added in your descriptors
This tip works for beginners both on blogger.com and WordPress.com

Benefits of keywords

  • A more intense engagement with your viewers - by producing keyword articles that interests your audience, they are more likely to return again. Everyone seeks, and that's the main resource your content should include.
  • Long-tailed keywords - because of its defined intent, your conversion rate is likely to increase. 
  • Placing keywords in the right spot - apart from being the first and most important step of keyword research. Placing them is your next priority. This can help build your organic search ranking. 


To simplify this article into a simple paragraph, why writing on keyword is essential for your website.

The benefits are tremendous and to add the use of long-tailed keywords and intensity.

There is no need to waste time and guess what your audience wants. You can easily conduct your search via numerous free tools on the internet.

Here is a popular one I would often use to get my researched info, Ubersuggest

Now you are all set to attract the right audience with your keyword-based contents.

Look out for next my article on the best free keyword tools.

Thanks for your time here!

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