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Hello Bloggers!
I'm Dharmender Patel, from New Delhi, India. A highly qualified teacher for more than 10 years, a computer expert. Certified in Information Technology and intermediate in blogging and Seo for more than a year.

At, Learn More Tech - You will find Theoretical and practical tips and strategies to help you kick start your dream of becoming a Digital Marketer.

What to expect here:

  • Writing your first blog post
  • Basic digital marketing tools
  • Affiliate Marketing and email marketing
  • Seo tactics
  • Social traffic and much more
Our goal here at Learn More Tech is to help those people that want to start a career or for those who have already taken that step into the Digital Marketing field. Because of the very factual reason, the world is ever so green with the consistent growth of Technology. We need to be updated with the latest modules and techniques of this aspect. All which you will find here!

We are committed to helping everyone, more specifically the youngster to mold them for a brighter future ahead and living a boss-free life. It's about discovering your potentials through blogging and the simple lessons you can learn to get there.

So if you haven't decided as yet, then take a plunge, get your paper and pen and start writing those pros and cons of why you should take this leap forward to  Digital Marketing through blogging.

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That's all for now! See you in the feedback section for all your questions and queries.
Happy reading and learning!

About us:-

website: https://www.patelclasses.tech

Name: Dharmender Patel

City: New Delhi

State: Delhi

Contact: patelclasses060@gmail.com


Mobile number: 9717140903

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